6 Ways Nike Built a brand that is strong social media marketing. Nike normally a pro at curating videos that provide you goosebumps!

6 Ways Nike Built a brand that is strong social media marketing. Nike normally a pro at curating videos that provide you goosebumps!

Customer Service…

Nike uses Twitter prominently to handle consumer questions with 96.8% associated with the brand’s tweets being replies. On average, Nike replied in 10 hours. brand name mentions top from 11 have always been to 2 PM, while Nike replies the essential from 12 AM to at least one PM. The brand name responded probably the most on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

The brand responded from 11 AM to at least one PM, aided by the answer price peaking at 12 PM. They supplied customer care on all times of the week, responding the fastest on Saturdays and Sundays with a skill of not as much as 3 hours…

That’s perhaps maybe not what we want to hear, Don. Exactly exactly just What unit, os and type of the application will you be utilizing? Mind delivering more than a screenshot of exactly exactly what you’re experiencing?

Nike also quickly responds to consumer questions fond of other Nike handles…

Mind if we part of? Could you inform us exactly what watchOS that are specific type of the NRC software you’re utilizing?


Nike has over 1 million members, incorporating 561K new subscribers within the analyzed time frame. It really is interesting to notice that compared to their other social media marketing pages, Nike posted more often on YouTube with all the brand name uploading 399 videos.

Top Videos

Nike’s YouTube strategy is mainly centered on placing their products or services on center phase. Behind-the-scene-videos product that is detailing and their making type a significant part of their video promotion on YouTube…

Nike normally a pro at curating videos that provide you goosebumps! The movie below featuring ladies athletes and activities personalities at important moments of the game may be the content that friendfinder messenger is most-viewed Nike into the time frame with an increase of than 10 million views!


Promotions additionally form an important section of nike’s YouTube strategy. In 2017, Nike promoted ‘Breaking2’ on YouTube also. They circulated 8 brief videos of significantly less than 2 mins showcasing behind-the-scene preparations for the event…

Nike’s “Dream Crazier” campaign had been well-received on its YouTube channel too. The brand’s YouTube channel has over 30 videos under this campaign while the one below has over 5 million views!

By benchmarking Nike’s YouTube stream against its competitor adidas that are biggest, we realize that Nike uploaded more videos than Adidas (147). Their videos also gained better engagement and response that is positive terms of loves and opinions…


Nike holds the unparalleled golden standard on Instagram. Having an astonishing 92 million followers, Nike could be the 2nd most brand that is followed Instagram. The activities giant can be the 19th many account that is popular Instagram, the actual only real brand name apart from Instagram and nationwide Geographic to get to the most truly effective 20 list.

When you look at the analyzed period of time, the brand name saw a 34.8 percent development in supporters, including a lot more than 23 million brand new fans. Nike uploaded 182 posts through the period of time, of which 62% had been videos. The chart below shows the posting frequency of this brand name suggesting that Nike doesn’t have a pattern that is consistent publishing.


On Instagram, Nike received the highest engagement on its pictures, which contained lower than 30% of its published content. The brand name received the greatest engagement between 5 PM and 6 PM Eastern Time, while publishing regularity peaked at 12 PM. Sunday had been probably the most engaging time for the brand name while they published more content on that time.

Top Content

The movie below received the engagement that is highest with 19 million views!